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REGISTRATION:  Please contact or call 407-234-4445 to register or to find out more about this course.

COURSE GOAL:  To provide students with the knowledge to qualify for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Certificate at the end of this course.


A 3 Hour Concealed Carry Permit course that meets the standard requirements established in the Florida Statute 790.06(2)(h) for a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm.  In addition, students will receive a review of basic firearm fundamentals. safety and maintenance.  After completing this course, the students will be able to submit an application to the State of Florida for the Concealed Carry Permit.


  • Basic firearm mechanics & operation
  • Concealed Carry Ammunition overview
  • Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
  • CCW General firearm safety
  • Legal instruction including Justifiable Force, Citizen’s Arrest, Reciprocity, Firearm transport, etc
  • Concealed Carry Firearm storage & accessories overview (holsters, safes, etc)
  • Escalation of Force
  • Criminal & Civil Liability
  • Standing Firing Stance


To take this Course:  There are no requirements to take this course, however there are requirements to qualify for the CCW License.

To qualify for the CCW Liicense:  Must be 21 or older, be a US citizen or lawful Permanent Resident (provide a RA card if applicable), be able to pass a background check.  See the Concealed Carry section of the website for complete details.


After the class, you will walk out with a class completion certificate signed by the instructor.  From there you just need to visit your county sheriff’s office and apply.  Don’t worry. We’ll give you detailed instructions and set you up before you leave the class.

Course: Concealed Carry Weapon

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