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Artemis Enterprises is dedicated to providing you with affordable options to learn how to protect yourself, your home and your business.   

Kevin D. Sturgill - CEO

Founder and Owner, Kevin’s first introduction to Firearms came through the USAF JROTC program in Georgia, upon his High School Graduation he enlisted in the United States Air Force and began his career as a member of TNT (Tactical Neutralization Team) which later changed its name to EST (Emergency Service Team). Kevin received specialized training in multiple Firearm disciplines including Small Arms Expert, Rifle Expert, Special Operations Sniper School, SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course), and Special Forces Sniper training to name only a few. His unit is responsible for developing some of the Special Operations Techniques used today.


In an unfortunate training incident, Kevin was injured and awarded an honorable medical discharge with gratitude for his service. He has started up several companies ranging from Motion Pictures Special Effects and Productions to an Entertainment and Amusement Company. Having grown his other businesses, he has come full circle and returned to his passion for all things firearm related.

Kevin is a State of Florida Licensed Firearms Dealer, a Class III SOT Dealer and an 07 Manufacturer of Firearms and Non-destructive Devices as well as a Certified Concealed Weapon Instructor, NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and an NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.

Certifications & Training

Aerospace I

Air Base Ground Defense

Air Force Physical Security I & II

Chemical Warfare I & II

Alert & Mobile Fire

Close Boundary & Close In Security

Combat Medic

Crime Prevention

Entry Control Operator
Espionage, Sabotage Subversion

Immediate Visual Assessment
Jungle Warfare
Laws of Armed Conflict

Mobile Patrol
Nuclear Safety I & II

Presidential Protection

Presidential Escort

Presidential Driving

Security & Alarm Response

Self Aid & Body Care
Special Operations Target Interdiction SOTIC

Additional Certifications:

Active Shooter: Businesses

Active Shooter: Healthcare

Active Shooter: House of Worship

Active Shooter: Schools

Active Shooter: Response

​Complete Home Defense

Counter Ambush

Defensive Training

Firearm Safety

Getting the Home Gun Ready

Gunshot Wound First Aid Certified

Handgun Grip Developement

Personal Firearm Defense

Shooting in Defense of Others


Vehicle Firearm Tactics

Special Forces Sniper

​​Weapon Specialist

Machine Gunner Specialist

C130 Gunship Weapons Specialist

Small Arms Expert:


Beretta 9mm

Browning HP 9mm

S&W 38

S&W 357


Rifle Expert:


Browning 50 Cal.


M16 GAU-5 Version

M203 Grenade Launcher

M40 Sniper Rifle
M60 Non Specialized

M60 Specialized
M79 Grenade Launcher
PSL Dragunov

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Personal Protection in the

     Home Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor


Michael Herrera - CCO / CMO

Michael's first introduction to Firearms came through the USN JROTC program in Florida.  Upon his High School Graduation he enlisted in the United States Air Force and began his career as a Vehicle Commander, Radio Telecommunications Operator and Third Country National Liason in a Combat Convoy.  Michael received specialized training in MTS Movement Tracking System as well as certifying for all military transportation vehicles.  He also began attending college majoring in Communications, Psychology with a minor in Business.  His unit deployed to Iraq and Kuwait.  After an unforntuate accident, Michael returned home with an honorable discharge and gained employment with the Department of Defense.

Certifications & Training

Ability To Survive and Operate
Forced Protection
Laws of Armed Conflict
Explosive Ordinance Reconnaissance
Operations Security
CBRNE Defense/Detection/Awareness
Information Protection
Information Assurance
Human Relations
Customer Service
Basic Combat Convoy Course
Equiptment Managment
Vehicle Operations
Vehicle Operations Management

Combat Vehicle Certifications:
Non Combat Vehicle Certifications:

Small Arms Weaponry
Small Arms Expert:
M16 A1
M16 A2
50 Cal


Kathleen Sturgill - CAO

Kathleen has 17 years of Administrative experience and 18 years of Teaching and Consulting experience that she gained during her employment as a Functional Technological Systems Coordinator at Valencia College and as a Functional Student Consultant for Ellucian.  

Mari (5).JPG

Marissa Sturgill - Sales Rep / Photographer

In addition to 4 years of Sales experience, Marissa also brings exceptional photography skills to the team.  After graduating high school, she obtained valuable photography, sales and soft people skills as a Sales Associate for Bass Pro followed by additional photography and soft people skills from LifeTouch as a professional portrait photographer.

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