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Black Friday PArt 2

The second Item we have been stocking up this year would be the Taurus G2C and the G3C.

We have a mix of them. We Do have a few of the G3C in ODG and Black. Some of the G3C come with 10 round mags and some come with 12 round mags. It has been hard for the companies to keep up with the mags.

We have what is left of the G2C going for 248.00 the MSRP is 299.97

The rest of the G3C going for 274.00 The MSRP is 339.65

While supplies last we will be including the Gunshot Wound Seminar on 12/12/21.

We do have a mix of G2C and G3C and colors and mag capacity. They are limited once gone that is all of that style.

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