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REGISTRATION:  Please contact or call us at 407-234-4445.

SERVICE GOAL:  “To provide a security risk assessment of a homes' physical property.”


During a Home Physical Security Risk Assessment, all aspects of your physical security program are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and recommendations for security improvements are made.  The following items will be covered:

  • Interviews with home occupants to gain an understanding of security concerns, past security problems, and daily activities at the home.
  • Survey of the home’s exterior perimeter and property
  • Survey of the interior of home
  • Survey of physical security devices, doors, windows, safes, and lock hardware
  • Review of family safety, security and evacuation plans
  • Review of security systems
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Recommendations for security improvements
  • Preparation of Home Security Assessment Report


Upon completion of the Home Physical Property Security Risk Assessment, the homeowner will be provided with the Home Security Assessment Report.

Service: Home Physical Property Security Risk Assessment

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