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A Disabled Veteran Owned and operated COMPANY

Where law abiding citizens come to learn how to secure and protect themselves, family, home and business.  

We Aim to Please

**We will be closed Memorial Day weekend**

what we do

Artemis Enterprises is dedicated to providing you with affordable options to learn how to protect yourself, your home and your business.   All of our Services, Trainings and Courses are cutomizable to fit your needs and availability.   

Providing you with the tools to protect, defend and secure your self, family, home and business since 2013. 


Our Services include Home and Business Property Security Risk Assessment, Home and Business Security Camera Placement, Active Shooter custom tailored to Schools/ Houses of Worship/ Healthcare/Homes/Businesses and Bullseye Holsters custom made onsite while you wait.


We offer Training in Home Defense, Away from Home Defense, Defensive Pistol, Shoot/No Shoot Scenario Training Video Range, Room Clearing and Live Action Shoot/No Shoot Training using Simunitions and Shock Vests in our onsite Shoot House.


We conduct Courses in Concealed Carry, Don't be a Victim, Firearm Safety, Maintenance and Operation, Basic Pistol and Advanced Pistol.

Offering Self/Home/Business Protection Services, Trainings and Courses


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What We Do

All firearm and firearm accessory information will be posted to our subsidiary site  Customers will have the option of purchasing firearms and firearm accessories online through our wholesale houses or directly from our instock inventory avalable at our onsite store location.

All sales from and will be processed through our online store


As a firearms dealer, manufacturer and class III SOT dealer, we offer firearm consultations, custom firearm builds, firearm customizations, firearm troubleshooting and laser engraving .  Our trained and knowledgeable staff can assist you with purchasing the best firearm that fits your needs!

Offering Firearm and Firearm Accessory Sales through our Online Store:

Offering Firearm and Firearm Accessory Information through our Subsidiary Site:

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